From inside the 2366, brand new USS Agency-C came up away from a-temporal crack

Borg King

Within the 2063, during the Borg assault with the Enterprise-Elizabeth, which had turned up from the seasons 2373, Study is actually abducted of the a great Borg drone. Incapable of absorb brand new android, the newest Borg Queen attempted to bribe Research toward subservience through providing your alive tissue in place of his polymer. Studies starred along, that have recommended sexual interactions for the Borg King, whom wanted your while the someone to ease the brand new loneliness out-of the woman part while the one person from the Cumulative, Analysis fundamentally ‘replacing’ Locutus. Research eventually deceived new Borg Queen, killing the lady with warp engine coolant, that can removed the latest flesh she got grafted to him. The guy subsequently accepted so you can Picard one to a part of your try nonetheless disappointed on the the lady dying, listing one to the girl render to take him closer to Humankind had briefly tempted him (albeit for just 0.68 seconds, a period you to, considering Studies, translates – to have an android os – in order to “almost a very long time”). ( Superstar Trip: Basic Contact )

Alternate details and you will timelines

Its disappearance throughout the year 2344 brought about an adjusted schedule, in which the Federation try dropping a conflict contrary to the Klingons. Research had been the latest ship’s procedures manager. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Business “)

Lieutenant Worf encountered a quantum fissure hence brought about him to begin with moving forward between quantum specifics when you look at the 2370. In a lot of universes, Investigation was still the latest Enterprise’s surgery administrator, and you can attended a shock birthday party to own Worf. During the a minumum of one of them details, Data’s vision have been bluish rather than the trait reddish.

An additional reality, Studies was still the fresh new procedures officer and you may 2nd manager but try outranked because of the Chief Worf, whom supported just like the ship’s very first manager lower than Head Riker, Picard being forgotten on the Competition regarding Wolf 359 within the 2367. It brand of Data theorized it would be you can so you’re able to close the fresh new fissure if for example the shuttlecraft Curie about top fact re-inserted the newest fissure and emitted a standard range warp field. Centered on Master Picard, the details on prie end. All occurrences pursuing the Worf’s come upon was removed on schedule due to the fact fissure are close. ( TNG : ” The thing is “)

During the an unfamiliar, option future schedule, Studies was a teacher (the latest Lucasian Teacher off Math) at the Cambridge College and you can stayed on Isaac Newton’s house with an effective housekeeper and many cats. Appear to within future, he had grasped the concept of jokes, stating that his housekeeper Jessel generated your make fun of. In addition, their everyday address had significantly more nuance and you may inflection, in which he did actually have now mastered the usage contractions. He’d including dyed element of their tresses grey as he thought that it made him research distinguished. But not, Jessel are of viewpoint so it made your feel like a “soft skunk.” ( TNG : ” Every Good things. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay in 2366 recreated at least a couple of Datas when he is enduring holo-habits. One system had Analysis included in the About three Musketeers, due to the fact most other reproduced the entire team of one’s Organization-D. One recreation of data was present whenever Barclay said so long in order to his goals and you may erased the brand new programs. ( TNG : ” Empty Activities “)
  • Barash recreated the entire command staff of Corporation-D in 2367 to your Alpha Onias III to store Chief Riker truth be told there. Which sport happened for the good 2383 in which Studies was promoted so you can Leader and had end up being the first officer. ( TNG : ” Future Imperfect “)
  • A computer breakdown on-board the fresh new USS Company-D since holo triggered all the emails using up the appearance of Study during the 2369. ( TNG : ” An excellent Fistful off Datas “)

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